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Thank you, Elmhurst, for once again supporting our

pumpkin patch fundraiser!  It was a sell out, and we'll

definitely put the proceeds to good use!  


Fall brings Halloween and our Family Fest and Pumpkin Patch at the Abbey in October.


The Elmhurst Lions Club Annual Pumpkin Sale is held at the Abbey, 407 W. St. Charles Road, Elmhurst (just west of York High School). Pumpkins arrive on October 12th and will be available until Halloween.  We always have a great crop of pumpkins, roughly 10 tons of Halloween fun!     


Last year we sold out a couple of days before -  so be sure to go early to get the best selection!!!

Due to COVID-19, the Leos Family Fest will not be held this year.   Please come visit the Pumpkin Patch and we'll look forward to planning the Fest next year! 

Some activities require tickets available for purchase at the Fest.

Lions Club Pumpkin Patch Fall Fest Poster 2020.pdf

Link to Elmhurst Independent Article 

Pumpkin Jokes!

How do you mend a broken


With a pumpkin patch!



Why do jack-o-lanterns have stupid smiles

 on their faces?

You'd have a stupid smile, too, if you had 

just had all your brains scooped out!

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