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Community Service Award

The Elmhurst Lions Club may be awarding a Community Service Award to an Elmhurst High School senior who attends an Elmhurst school or whose permanent residence is Elmhurst and attends a high school in another city. This award is presented based on the student's community service. Academic performance is not considered. 

  • Applications for 2024 must be submitted no later than June 1, 2024.
  • See below for details and a link to the application form.



There may be one Community Service Award of $1,500 awarded per year to a high school student who has demonstrated a commitment to community service during their high school career.



Any high school student who attends an Elmhurst school, or whose permanent residence is Elmhurst and attends a high school in another city, and who is graduating in the 2023-20204 school year, is eligible to apply. All completed application forms, received by the application deadline, will be considered for the

award as one group and the applicant best meeting the criteria shall be selected.

Applicants with community service and members of the Elmhurst Leo Club who contribute to the success of the club by actively participating in Leo events and meetings will receive first priority in reviewing community service applications.



The applicant shall show evidence of community service/volunteerism for which no school credit, pay or other form of compensation has been received. Involvement can be one activity or a variety of different activities. Include at least one written recommendation from supervisors or certificate of participation for each service activities cited in your application.

For volunteer work done through a group, include attendance records, if available, along with a list of the events you participated in during the past four years, with an emphasis on leadership work and/or notable contributions to the club performed during the past two years.



Copies of our criteria and applications are available on the websites of the high schools as well as the website of the Elmhurst Lions Club. Application forms are also available by contacting the Community Service Award chairperson (contact information below). Completed application forms and any supporting letters from school staff, clergymen, volunteer coordinators, etc. should be submitted no later than June 1 of the student's graduating year.

Personal interviews with the finalists may be scheduled with the selection committee.

** Please click this link for the application form

For Additional Information Please Contact

Shirley Wodynski
Elmhurst Lions Club Scholarship Committee,
Phone: 630-569-5219

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